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Using Positive Tab Balance on New Phone (from an old plan)

I am so sorry to be posting this again. I've been reading the comments, but I don't think that I completely understand.

  My phone is an old iPhone 4S, unlocked, from Apple. I think I need to replace it.

 I have a Tab balance which is $150, and I would like to purchase a new iPhone7 256.
 The price of the new iPhone 7 with Tab medium is $630.
So, if I use my tab: $630 - $150 = I will only be paying $480 for the phone (before taxes of course).

Now, in this case, after I have used my tab - Will I now have a negative Tab balance on my new phone?.

Also, is there any way to use my $150 tab and NOT have to pay a tab balance on my new phone from Koodo?. Or would I have to go to Apple and buy my phone outright again to avoid paying the extra tab?.

  I am so sorry if someone already answered this. I am just a little confused.

  Thank you so much for your time,

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You can pay more for your phone up front to avoid carrying a TAB charge, while still using your positive TAB balance. Curious to learn where you are seeing the price you quote? I see $780.
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The price of $630 on the medium Tab is already with your $150 positive tab taken off the price of the phone, David has the correct price on the medium Tab before a positive tab is added.....or taken off I should say.
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Also is there some issue with paying the monthly tab? You don't end up paying extra. You can just buy it on tab medium, use the 150 dollar balance you have, and pay off the 360 of your tab afterwards if you do not want to have a tab and still use your positive balance.
I just don't want to pay an extra tab fee on my monthly plan. With the plan I currently have, I find $67/month a lot without the extra tab added on. It's just a preference. I'd rather get a discounted price on a phone from my provider at purchase without having to continue to pay for the rest of the phone through a tab. Now I know how much I need to save to just by the phone. Thank you so much for your reply!. I really appreciate your help.