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Using existing data/minutes in the US

Hi, Heading to the US for a weeks vacation.  We have a pre-paid cell that we plan to cancel once we use up the minutes and data since it's non-transferrable.  We already have monthly cell packages with Koodo so no longer need the 'landline' prepaid cell.  Can we just use the remaining data (600 MB) and minutes (100 minutes) in the US instead of getting a roaming package?  Does it matter?  Phone would be used very little, mostly texts and the odd facetime.  Thanks!

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Unfortunately it's not possible

Don't want a roaming add-on?

You won't be able to use your Koodo Prepaid phone in the U.S. without a U.S. Roaming Boosters add-on.

Too bad, but thanks for your help and quick reply
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No problem! Have a nice trip anyways!
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Just a thought why not use the "old phone" that you and buy the cheap prepaid U.S. add ons that are now available.   I bought them and they don't expire as long as the phone is active with Koodo. Cheaper and not so binding for cost for a specific period of regular phones. 

In passing the first time I crossed the border at Oroville, Wa., I did as told by the community and turned off the phone and back on and there it was "AT & T" and a welcome to the U.S., Returning it just defaulted to Koodo Canada (BC).  Yesterday when I crossed, I heard a voice on the phone which was in my purse in backseat.......when I stopped, I pulled out the phone there was a message from Koodo that I was now on AT and T and if I did not have U.S. minutes, etc I could phone this number supplied and purchase $5.00 worth.           GREAT SERVICE!!   I wouldn't have a monthly plan and the hassles of buying roamiing packages.   I can use these features anytime and many times without making prior purchases as on the monthly plans require.