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Using Canadian iPhone 5 in UK

I have an iPhone 5 that I got about 10 months ago at London Drugs in Edmonton, Canada. Koodo is my carrier, and I am on the Tab L Data 1GB Unltd $75 plan. I am going to the UK in September, and will be living there for 6 months. Please advise all necessary steps, in order, which will allow me to use my phone while I am there. Thanks!

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For 7 months I would advise unlocking your phone and getting a local sim there to use. I would just pay off my tab here and cancel your plan. However if you want to keep your number you can place your account on seasonal hold.
Unlocking? What does that mean?
How do I pay off my tab?
Also, I can't seem to use the koodo self-serve app. When I click on any of the menu options I get an error message telling me it's unable to process my request.

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Most cell phones are generally locked to one carrier. If you bought a phone from Koodo, it's locked to Koodo except the Nexus phones. So unlocked phones can be switched from one carrier(ie,Koodo) to another(UK local). You can pay off your tab through self serve. I'm not sure you can do it by self serve app... Add : Oh, they are updating their systems right now. It says "We'll be up and running again Sunday at 1:00 pm EST."
Thank you.