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Use tab to help save for your next phone

I don't know about anyone else- but I don't always have the money about to just upgrade my phone when I need to. I recently tried to change my tab from small to large, to help myself out and was told I couldn't, unless I paid off the remaining balance, and that I would also end up having to change my phone plan to do so. I think that is not right and I definitely think it should be changed. Perhaps this exists and the person I was talking to did not know? Either way, this is what I want to see. Thanks.

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Hi Sally,

What you were informed is indeed correct. If you were to switch from a tab small to a tab large you'd have to do the following:

1. Pay off the remainder of your tab either in store or charge it to your next bill, and

2. When you are on a tab large you're required to switch your plan to a tab large plan which starts at $80/month ($70 + $10 tab charge).

There have been plenty of people who want to see the tab large conditions change, but it hasn't happened yet. One other thing, if you have a plan that is $30/month or more it qualifies for the tab medium which is the best value over the course of two years, just thought I'd add that in there.

Hope that helps 🙂
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No need for you to be wanting to be on Tab L. Have you seen the plans? The Tab S/M plans are much better in my opinion. Why would you want to pay more when you don't have to?