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Usage history - Call Type Column

Does anybody knows what "Web" means in the Call Type column of Usage history?
My current base plan is $15 Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture) including: Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting and Conference Calling. I do not have any Data or Talk Booster Add-on, and I have not send any text in the last 15 days . However, it was registered  "Web" in the Call Type Column of Usage history (almost every day for the last 15 days)

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Hello Paola! "Web" means that there was data usage. Is it possible that you used Wifi on your phone? 
Thanks or your reply.
Yes,  I do use wifi on my phone but I don't have a data plan with koodo. Why would be registered in the usage history?
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You're right, if you have not used any data at all (via a data booster), then your Wifi usage would not be registered in the usage history. The only other thing that it could be is picture messages. They pass through the same system as data does, but they do not need any data per se, which is why you can still use them all while not having a data plan.