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US Roaming the price for $40/10 days,.

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I'm going to USA at the end of March for 6 days. I'm planing to get $40/10days, it said unlimited calling, Unlimited if I call from USA to Home (Canada), unlimited texting, same from USA to Home (Canada), and vice versa from Canada to USA,,,picture and video??? If I text pictures is it part of the Data plan or is integrated as texting???,,,,it offers 250 MB data,, can I customized it with more data just in case,, and how do I do it if I make the decision to customize it. call you go to a store,, will I be charged or not? Please I'd appreciate a better explanation, I am a new customer to Koodo since 2 months ago. One more question,,, how adding a temporary roaming will affect my regular plan with Koodo??? Bye, sincerely, Alex

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-Unlimited calling would be from the US to the US and Canada
-Unlimited texting would be from the US to the World
-MMS would be considered data
-Overage Data above the add-on allotment is pay per use at the rate of $5 for 50MB.  If you do not get the roaming package then it is the roaming pay per use rate of $5 per 20MB

These Roaming add-ons have no effect on your regular monthly plan.
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Dennis, Thank you for the prompt response and very accurate. Is there a way for Koodo to provide up to 500MB for an additional $10 dlls bring it up to $50 instead of $40? Just to be clear I can text to the 10ALL 4545 and the effect will take 24 hours so I can use it in USA? I do can make all calls to home, am I right?, that's all, Dennise, bye Alex
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Hey Alex! All of our roaming packages are listed on our website (link below). If you're looking for more data (500mb), i'd suggest the 30 day US package ($75) which gives you unlimited minutes, texts & 750mb.  We cannot customize a plan.  You can always use Wi-Fi, free of charge. The add-on is effective immediatly once you add it.  Hope this helps :)  

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Yes, it did. One more thing before I go at make my roaming add on, do I have to do any change in my iPhone 5s that I got from Koodo.. Like disable or enable any setting or any suggestion from you? Thanks Melissa bye Alex
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Well my biggest suggestion is to turn off the data roaming when you don't need to use it, to avoid any background applications on your phone using the allotted data usage on your plan (settings->cellular->turn off data roaming).  On the other hand, that option would need to be on if you want to use the data on your phone during  your trip.  Do note that iMessage requires data for it to work.  Have a safe trip!
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Thanks, bye,, St. Patrick's day
Roaming and long distances prices just do not make sense. I would like to see significant reduction.
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alexout wrote:

Roaming and long distances prices just do not make sense. I would like to see significant reduction.

As would I
So if I get a 30 day roaming add-on and I'm in the USA for 30 days, what happens to the 2 gigs of data that I am still paying for on my regular monthly plan? It seems unfair for Koodo to charge me for 2 gigs of data they know I won't/didn't use because they knew I was out of country for that entire 30 days with my $75 750mb roaming plan.
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Doc Jeffries wrote:

So if I get a 30 day roaming add-on and I'm in the USA for 30 days, what happens to the 2 gigs o...

Your plan includes the 2gb of data for Canadian use, it does not cover international roaming packages. It will only be used while in Canada. When in the US it will count towards the data from your roaming add-on
I recently got back from a trip to the US and purchased the $40 roaming package. In general it was a terrible experience. 

1. Calling didn't work. I tried making outgoing calls and about half the time they would not connect. Incoming calls also did not connect sometimes. 
2. Text messaging didn't work. Sometimes my texts would not send. I would receive a text message and it said it was sent for example 51 minutes prior. 
3. Data didn't work most of the time. I tried looking at maps, yelp, web browser, etc. and it simply did not connect about 80-90% of the time. 
4. My phone battery drained very quickly (about 3-4 hours) so I couldn't even use the phone offline for pdf maps or for a camera. I believe the phone was constantly looking for a signal. I tried changing the carrier to manual but the list of carriers would not populate. 
5. The first day I was there 200 of my 250 MB suddenly disappeared. Probably a phone issue and Koodo did give me a $20 rebate after complaining but still annoying. 

I was in New York City so there should be no issues with getting a signal. Using an iPhone. 

In general this was an awful experience and I would recommend buying a US sim card if traveling south of the border. You'll save money and it will be far more reliable.