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US Roaming call & txt not working-'not in service'. Also wondering if US mins can just b transf back 2 regular CAD account since not used

So - we purchased the U.S. roaming calling AND texting packages for our daughter, before she left for Florida (from Ontario). It kept continually telling her 'no service', so she never was able to use these minutes. She had airplane mode off, roaming on, had shut her phone down & restarted, as well as taking the battery out; all to no avail. Anyone have any other idea/s as to why this wouldn't work for her? her friend had the same package and it worked just fine for her; and they matched their settings to show the same thing.. still my daughter's didn't work.  Also - since she didn't use a single minute of each - does anyone know if these are transferrable, to just put towards our regular Canadian plan/booster?

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Often Prepaid service customers have found it necessary to manually choose the carrier (usually AT&T) while in the USA, rather than leave it on Automatic.

If she was unable to use the service while in the USA, the minutes and texts will be available for her next trip.