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US data add-on 1GB?

I think I know the answer to this question. I'm looking for a US 10 day add-on with more than 250mb of data. I'm looking for closer to 1GB. So my only option is the 30 day plan? It's cheaper than paying the data overage.
And when it says: "Text messages exclude MMS messages (picture& video)". Does that lead to failed messages if an image is attached, or text sent/received without image, or extra billing?

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Pretty much. Ether get the 10 day and use the overage rate or get the 30 day. As for the picture messaging, additional charge will apply I believe; It would at least use the data in your plan if anything if not an actual charge.
Thank you!
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If you are solely concerned with data, then phone number probably means nothing to you.

Consider getting yourself a prepaid Tracfone or similar at a US dollar store. Save what's left over for your next trip.
ok - looks like a good option. thanks I'll do some home work.