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Upped my data plan, can I use all this data now

Hello 🙂 recently changed my data plan to the 3.5GB, when I look at my usage though I'm seeing two separate meters. One for the data used on my previous plan and one for the new plan. My billing cycle ends in a couple of days, wondering if I'm able to use ALL the data that's left for my new plan in the next couple days (ive used 600mb out of the 3500 for the new plan, and about 1200mb from the 3204 old plan) or if Im going to get overage charges as the data usage from both previous plan and new plan would be over the the 3.5GBs

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Data does not get prorated, so you get to use the entire amount from your new plan, even if you only have it for a few days.
yay thank you very much