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Upgrading to iPhone 6 Plus or 7 Plus via Koodo vs purchasing outright. Help....

I have a Nexus 5 currently (no tab balance). I have the $55/mth plan. I wish to get the iPhone 6 or 7 plus and purchase it outright (unlocked) but I also want to keep my current phone number and current plan with Koodo.  I don't think I'm eligible to upgrade and will want to keep my old phone on hand until I'm confident everything is working as I use this for my business.  

Apple suggests I should buy directly through them but Koodo isn't one of their carriers so not sure how easy that process is and want to make sure I can keep my phone number and my plan before purchasing something only to find out when I get to Koodo I'm out of luck.

Any help would be appreciated on what I should look or watch out for....

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Hi Michele,

If you are looking to purchase iPhone 7 outright and unlocked, as you posted. It will be better if you purchase it directly from Apple. All you need is a new NANO sim card, to get that, visit a Koodo Shop, purchase the $10 NANO sim and they can activate that right away for you. This will not change your phone number or your rate plan. You're Nexus 5 will remain active until you visit a Koodo Shop and ask them to activate the NANO sim for you. 
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You are always able to upgrade, you just have to reset the tab by paying off your current balance. Since you have no tab balance currently, you can use it anytime you wish. You can keep your plan so long as you don't use a tab large, which requires "tab large plans." I recommend against that. Not sure what that means that Koodo isn't one o their Carriers as pre-orders for the iPhone 7 are up for Koodo right now. You can buy from Koodo or apple directly without issue in either case and the phone will work with Koodo without issue. Of course you can keep you number that ha no bearing on which carrier you are with or plan.