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Upgrading to iPhone 5?

I currently have the iPhone 4 model. I bought an extra warranty that covers damage from water and breakage. It gives me a replacement phone if I turn in my broken iPhone. Since I bought the warranty with koodo, when I turn in my broken iPhone could I upgrade to the iPhone 5 instead of getting a new iPhone 4?

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I don't think your extended warranty will cover you for an upgrade. Since Apple controls the warranty for all their products you'll have to confirm with them though.
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Apple Care + will replace your phone with the exact same model. You can't even do a colour change.
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By extended warranty for physical and water damage, I'm assuming you mean AppleCare+? It's 2 years coverage from date of purchase. There's a $49 to $79 deductible on the replacement. It doesn't cover you for any upgrade fees on any carrier regardless of where you buy it from, but honestly, you're probably better off with Apple's method anyway because you'll have a new/refurbished iPhone 5C/5S with a very small Tab left (if any). It's a manufacturer warranty that is independent of any carrier.