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upgrading my phone

how does upgrading work? i have a iphone 4s with a tab s and i have 18.00 left on my tab balance and i want to get the iphone 5c 8gb 0$ ,what do i do if i want to upgrade? 

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When you want to upgrade at any Koodo shop or retailer, they bill out your remaining Tab balance to your account. The Tab system has changed for new devices, though. Now Koodo doesn't include any subsidy in the plan prices. You can keep your plan if you wish, but the $15 Tab charge is actually added on top of your plan each month. The maximum Tab that can be used is up to $360 ($360/24 =15). However, the in market plans nowadays are BYOD pricing so it might end up being a similar price to what you're paying now. Take your current plan and add $15 to it, then pick a plan from the website and add $15 to it to see which option is cheaper.
ok thanks! but if the phone is 360$ do i have to pay that ? 
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Jeremie Deguire wrote:

ok thanks! but if the phone is 360$ do i have to pay that ? 

You will need to pay any amount put towards the tab. Think of the tab as an interest-free 2 year loan.
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You'll be paying it as the Tab charge on your bill each month. 360/24 months = $15/month. You are essentially financing the phone.
Ok so if i go to a koodo store and ask to upgrade my phone do i have to pay to upgrade? i want to know if i have to pay if i want to upgrade or i just pick a phone and choose a new plan and leave without paying anything, because i don't have enough money right now and i want a new phone.
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The phone is 480$ your current tab still has 18$ left. You will need to pay the 18$ to pay off your existing tab. Then, you can put 360$ or 504$ towards the tab. If you get the tab plus though, you will need to select a tab plus plan and the tab will cost 21$ per month as well. If you get the 360$ tab you will need to pay 120$ upfront, but you get to keep you existing plan and only have to pay 15$ more per month for the tab credit.
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Actually there is an activation credit of $125 on that phone as well.    So your cost will be $0  
You do have to pay off your $18 Tab first and that can be added to your next bill. 
 Just drop by a Koodo Kiosk to confirm and you will likely leave with a shiny new iphone 5C 8gb for 0$   🙂
ok thanks!

so i don't have to pay anything except the 18.00$ of my tab ?!? 
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Yep 🙂    I know this because I just upgraded my device today .    I paid a little because I bought a case for my new phone,
awesome!!! 🙂 thanks for telling me !! 
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But don't forget.   You will be paying an extra $15 Tab charge on your Bill each month for 24 months.
Like Jonathan mentioned .
yeah i know !! i will pick the 30$ plan 
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Enjoy your new iphone 🙂

thanks ! 🙂 thanks for the help !