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Upgrading from an iPhone 5 to 6

As an existing member of koodo for many years now ever since the company came to Canada, I've upgraded my phone 3 times now making the iPhone 5 my current phone. I have about $100 left on my tab but i want to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Is there any deal that i can receive in order to upgrade? Usually other cell phone companies would give a free one for the existing members. Also i have a blackberry curve under the same account which i would like to upgrade as well. Can you hook me up?

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U should call koodo about this
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Hi Jen, In most cases if you're wanting to upgrade you have the option of paying off your tab either via self serve or when you purchase a new phone and then starting over on a new tab of your choice. In this case where you have a remaining tab balance you will need to pay it off first. Hope that helps answer your question
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Koodo does not do my special side deals for customers that call in to complain and stuff. And I like it that way. It means I know the joodo customer beside me is not somehow getting a better deal than you or I because they were better at negotiating and threatening to leave
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Go to a place that does Koodo postpaid and ask them to see if there are any Tab deals for upgrading. They'll probably call channel support and those agents will probably take anywhere from $25 to $50 off your Tab. I used to do it all the time to close sales...