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Upgrade to iPhone 7 - Phone arrives ~ Oct 8th - Will I be able to use the current promotion ending 30-Sep?

I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S4 w/ Koodo. I want to move to iPhone 7, *and* be able to move to the promotional plan with 1000 international minutes + 1 Gb extra data.

The promotional plans end on 30-Sep-2016; If I order the iPhone 7 from Koodo, it won't arrive until ~ 08-Oct.

Given this, the promotion will be over when I receive my phone; How can I take advantage of the program promotion, which would be expired at that time?

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Ordering it is enough it's not like the iPhone 7 has to physically be in your hands before you get the minutes. It's all part of the upgrade. You'll be OK 🙂
I've ordered the phone, and hit a snag.

I bought (yesterday) and returned (today) an iPhone SE 16Gb. Everythin has been reversed *except* when I now try to move to the Tab Medium $50 Plan, with the 1000m and 1Gb Promo, I get this error message:

[i]You can only change your plan once per billing cycle. Come back to change your plan after your new billing cycle starts on October 12, 2016. 

Of course at that time the promotional plan will be over.

Other than the plan change for the iPhone SE, I have not made changes to my plan.

What do I need to do to resolve? 
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Hello Mac.

I don't understand why you bought the SE and the 7? But you returned the SE?
After buying the SE 16Gb, and setting up the phone with apps, music, etc, I quickly realized that the storage would be inadequate. So I returned it the next day.

Now I've ordered the 7 128Gb, delivery ~ 8 October, and I have to have the current promotional plan - As this was the main driver for me to upgrade.

Per Koodo online, I can't change my plan until 12-Oct - I presume that this was caused by my initiating the SE on a new plan. Returning the phone reset me to my prior plan, old tab, etc. but appears to have locked me from taking up the promotional plan in time.

In a perfect world, I want my new iPhone delivered, and when it is activated, I want to start the promotional plan. Worst case, I'll take the plan now, and use it for ~14 days without the new phone in my possession.

TLDR: Buyers Remorse on SE
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Hi Mac,

We would like to help. Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter .

Thanks ! 
Thanks for the help; A Koodo representative called me last evening and fixed me up. Great service!