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Upgrade phone, same plan?

I bought my iphone 6 in march with the old tab plans I pay 30 a month + 5 dollars for my tab so 35 dollars in total.... Now I want to upgrade to the 6plus in rose gold when it comes out. Can I keep the same plan where i only pay 5 dollars as a tab or do I have to upgrade and pay 21 dollars on top of my plan? 

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The +21 Tab is only if you change to a Tab plus plan, which are worse value over time. You can keep your plan and take the new regular Tab, but it would be +15 for Tab charge and not +5.
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Hi Snizzbone,

You can keep your same plan however if you use the 500$ tab, that 5$ tab charge will become a 21$ tab charge and you will need to pay off your existing tab. You could also just buy the phone outright and not change a thing about your current bill.