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Update nameserver?

My friend is a Kodoo subscriber. We live in Ontario, Canada and when she tries to pull up www.seasonsatcedars.com it doesn't pull up. Myself (on Rogers) and a few other people on other providers (Bell, etc) all seem to be able to access this page. This seems to be an issue at Kodoo's end. Perhaps an update to their nameservers?

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Nice food! I don't have a problem seeing the site and I'm with koodo. What error message does she get? Is she able to access other sites?
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I don't have a problem viewing the site either. Ask your friends who are having this problem to clear their cookies and restart their phones (turn off and the back on)
Does it go to a wordpress site or an actual, fully displayed with menu options site?
Disregard! Guess it's working now. Thanks for the help everyone.