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Up grading my phone

I would like to know when I am eligible for an upgrade on my phone

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You can also pay cash for a new phone, put it on your account and continue paying off the old phones tab.
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Hi Betty !

You're always eligible for an upgrade (provided you don't have a pass due). The cost of your upgrade depends on your Tab Balance. You can find out your Tab Balance in various ways. The two I prefer are through your selfserve account ( koodomobile.com/selfserve ) or by dialing *611 on your Koodo device.

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Is that a new rule that started after August
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Hi Betty Ann!

You can do an upgrade at a Koodo Shop with a new Tab if your current Tab Balance is all paid off and at $0.

Hope that helps 🙂
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5s wrote:

Is that a new rule that started after August

Hey 5s! Anything we can clarify 🙂 ?