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Unlocking phone to any carrier

I need my Iphone 5S unlocked from Koodo, NOW! I've been without service for three days trying to contact someone who can just unlock this phone so I can get rid of this service. My mother is being billed for a service I am unable to use, and I will be transferring my plan to Virgin Mobile. Tired of not seeing results when I need help. Please andwer as quickly as possible. Not having a phone at Christmas time is breaking my heart, as I can't contact anyone to actually get home for Christmas. I'm tired of getting this work around because you can't allocate the money to hire more call centre reps.

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Send Koodo a private message to their FB page or Twitter account where they can further assist you with the unlocking process. If you've done this and they haven't gotten back to you then do so again as wait times through social media are at 24 hours according to a Koodo Rep who responded that earlier today.
I've messaged them 3 days in a row. No answer.
I don't have twitter.
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A Private message to their Facebook is fine and is probably the preferred method of contact. You should be in the que if you've contacted them via FB already and Unfourtunatley it's a waiting game with the massive backup from the Christmas sales and such. I'll bring it to their attention and see if wait times are much longer than was stated or whats up.
Okay, I do appreciate your help. I guess there's not much to do other than wait. You could consider this thread closed. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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Ryan Osborne wrote:

Okay, I do appreciate your help. I guess there's not much to do other than wait. You could consid...

Well I'll come back and let you know their response. Have a great Christmas