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Unlocking a koodo phone bought on craiglist

I recently bought an Iphone 4s on Craigslist that is locked to koodo. I have been a monthly customer of Koodo for the last 6 months on my old Iphone 4s. I would like to unlock my new Iphone because I plan to travel to the states in June. I just spoke to someone with customer service and was informed it is not possible because I did not buy the phone from koodo (even though I'm a customer and the phone is locked to koodo). Is it definitely not possible to have koodo unlock it? I have looked at unlocking services online and they are 80 - 100 dollars, which is way more than koodo charges. Thanks!

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If koodo themselves told you its not possible since its not a Koodo phone, then they are correct, Try taking it to a local cell repair shop. Most can do it for a more fair price than 100$. But definitely worth it if your going to be swapping Sims frequently.
It is locked to koodo, I assume that means it's a koodo phone. I just didn't buy it from koodo, the previous owner did - this is why they told me it wasn't possible.
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Being locked to Koodo does mean it was a Koodo phone originally yes, Im not 100% sure the reason, But sometimes companies wont unlock it unless YOU bought the phone yourself from them, As it could be still being paid for on someone elses tab. Just that person decided to buy a new phone and sold that one to you, not that its a bad thing, just the way policy is sometimes. And im not saying thats the legitimate reason there saying no. Just my thoughts.
I spoke to another person from koodo customer service and it was no problem to unlock my phone. I guess the other person I spoke to didn't understand what I was asking, or there was some miscommunication. All is well!