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Unlocked phone used previously on an irish network

Hi, I am a koodo user in Canada but I'm now studying in Ireland and I'm about to buy an used iPhone 3G. It is factory unlocked and I won't put any Sim card in it here since I'm coming back in Canada (Quebec) in 1 month. I just want to make sure I will be able to put a koodo SIM card in it when I will come back. Does a iPhone factory unlocked is suppose to work on any network worldwide or there's some exceptions? I mean, phones from Canada work here as long as they are unlocked, so the opposite should work. Right? Here are some details about the phone if needed: iPhone 3G iOS 8G, MB046B/A, it was used on an irish network but is now factory unlocked. Thank you very much for your help,

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Well, first of all, yes it should work. However, the iPhone 3G is a VERY old model by now, in fact it was Apple's second iPhone ever. I would definitely not recommend you getting that... it will probably be slow and very crippled. Unless you can get it for free, it's really not worth getting. If you can, you'd probably be wisest to wait a month and get your phone in Canada, if you buy a newer model, chances are it will be a lot faster with proper LTE data, and support.
Thank you very much for your answer. I didn't know the iPhone 3G was that old... my last phone was the iPhone 4S and it was simply perfect for me, I thought the 3G was only a few years older so similar. If you tell me it's really slower than the 4S, I might not really like it and should wait to come back and buy something better. Thanks again,