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unlock iphone 5 from koodo

My iphone 5 got locked with koodo and now I've switched to telus with the iphone 6. I need to unlock my iphone 5 to be able to get another line with fido. Would koodo be the one to unlock my iphone 5?

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Yes, this should even be doable from the self-serve portal. There is a $35 fee (which is the same as Telus, and which is better then Bell and Rogers who, last I checked, charged $50)

Thank you! but it doesn't let me do that since I have discontinued my line with koodo. What are my other options?
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You might have to either call Koodo or visit a kiosk in that case, as Koodo is the only one who can unlock a Koodo locked phone.
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There's criteria for an unlock to happen, one of them is you have to be active not cancelled.
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You could always just get another line with Koodo again for that 5S instead of paying money for an unlock for another provider with the same plans?
You can request koodo to unlock your iPhone 5 . If they refuse to do , you can approach any of the online vendors like http://www.onlinegsmunlock.com/apple-iphone-5/rs7wp9/ who provides Koodo and Telus Canada Apple iPhone Unlocking Service to unlock iPhone 5 from network lock .