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Unlimited Data Plan!

Okay i know everybody wants unlimited data. But even if koodo made an unlimited data plan exclusively for iphone users! I have a plan with unlimited everything and 500Mb of data, every month I use up to a Gb and pay the extra. iPhones use iMessages day in and day out, constantly updating emails and keeping your phone always with the most up to date thing. I rarely send texts Caz I use iMessage. An unlimited data plan would make life so much easier, I wouldn't be constantly turning on and off my data trying to avoid going over my usuage.

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That's even more of a no. Wind doesn't have iPhones. You need to go buy them outright from the Apple store. iPhones are data hogs. Why do you even need to iMessage when a text works just as well? You should consider moving up plans to something with 1GB or changing your usage and trying to use WiFi more. Maybe stop those emails from syncing so often? Stop apps from updating in the background as much? I know 500 MB isn't as adequate as what it used to be a few years ago but unlimited data would congest the network because everyone would be streaming, downloading, etc.
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Not to mention that unlimited mobile data would make home internet superfluous for a lot of people. Which would then make Telus, Bell and Rogers take a major hit on that front. Koodo probably isn't going to make a move that will actively hurt its parent company.
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Just out of curiousity, if you only use around a 1 Gb every month, why would you want to spend more to get unlimited when you could spend just a little more and get enough for what you use. Id guess that half the average users out there use the same or less as what you are, even though they would be willing to pay top dollar for an unlimited plan. Seems to make more sense to save some money and instead of going for unlimited, just go for the plan that fits your needs.
If they ever decide to make an Unlimited Data plan ONLY for iPhone, they'd have a LOT of pissed off customers who use BlackBerrys, Android Phones and Windows Phones. I switched to the $62 plan with Unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited texting, and 2GB of data back before Christmas, and to be honest, if i didn't do a LOT of stuff over WiFi, I could blow through 2GB easily on my phone. So please, before you go all selfish, "Apple fanbois only!" with your fantasy plans, realize there's a LOT more phones out there that people use. (Android phone users now exceed 1 BILLION worldwide)
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RedMageX wrote:

If they ever decide to make an Unlimited Data plan ONLY for iPhone, they'd have a LOT of pissed o...

As with everything Apple, though, such a plan would be SO expensive that I think the only pissed off customers would be the iPhone users themselves.... lol