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Im going to School in Scotland in a couple weeks, so I need a phone that works there--- I also need a phone for when I come home for christmas break, Spring break and summer. Im really happy with my Koodo plan right now, and I have an unlocked iPhone. What are my options for living over in the UK with this phone?

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If you want to use koodo while in the UK, you'll unfortunately be stuck with international roaming rates. 😞 The only way to keep your plan is paying for it every month which is kind of pointless if you're going to be in scotland. IMO, it would probably be better to just sign up with a carrier in the UK and use prepaid for the times you visit Canada.
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Daniel is right (not speaking in third person haha). If the iPhone you have is unlocked then your best bet is to sign up for service while you're in Scotland and save yourself some money as opposed to paying for two plans. Hope that helps.
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For the UK, I recommend going with Lebara or Vodafone.