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im not impressed with koodo right now i paid my bill and you guys cut my phone off like im to the point where i dont want koodo as my phone company

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How do you know Koodo cut your phone off? Koodo will not cut your phone off for missing a single month unless you've reached your spending limit if you are on the SPL program. Check that you didn't turn your phone to 2g or GSM Only. Also make sure you didn't enable airplane mode. If you have a removable battery try this as well, while the device is on take out the battery and SIM Card for a minute or so then replace them and try it again.
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EDIT: Check what Paul said first... But if your service was actually cut, then read below. How did you pay your bill? Banking payments can take a few business days so if it didn't post in time... Well then that's unfortunate but that's how the game goes. I would call them and report your payment. See if they can do anything for you (can't guarantee it though). The same terms apply for every carrier so good luck to you if leaving is your goal...

Setup a reminder on your phone or have automatic payments setup through your bank a week before it's due so you can avoid this issue for next time.
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You may have unbilled charges that if added to your bill push you over your limit they set you up as. Best way to avoid getting cut off is to not miss or fall behind payments.:-)
it works now its just cause the payment didnt go through yet and no im not doing preautorized payments again thats the reason i was late on my last bill
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Alicia Nicholls wrote:

it works now its just cause the payment didnt go through yet and no im not doing preautorized pay...

That doesn't make sense. If you do it pre authorized with your bank like a week before it's due then you'll be fine, if you do pre authorized debit with Koodo it's always done early too, and credit cards are instant.