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Uneeded add one that I was charged for and didn't sign up for

For as long as I can remember I have had a plan that includes unlimited messaging. Recently, I discovered that I have been charged for a messaging add on. I don't need this add one nor did I sign up for it. I'm so confused. I looked at my bills and calculated that I lost over sixty dollars in the past year.

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What is the name / title of the messaging add-on you reference?

It was the 5 dollar unlimited messaging add on, however my plan already includes it in its total price.
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While the unlimited messaging add on is quite possibly unnecessary, (I only have your word that your plan does include it), it's probably a stretch to say you never asked for it. The most likely explanation for why is there is that it was necessary with a previous plan that did not include unlimited messaging and was not automatically removed when you changed to the current plan. I'm sure koodo can provide a credit for part of the charges, but technically you only have 30 days to dispute any charges on your bill, so it's uncertain whether you will get the full amount back.