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Under role management request is "accessing pending", how do I add manager?

There is no option to accept access pending using Safari browser, how do I add a new manager? What are the roles and responsibilities? Owner - The owner is responsible for paying the bill and ensuring the account remains in good standing. The owner can view account activity, add services, change rate plans and determine online access roles for all members. Manager - The account manager is authorized by the account owner to oversee this account. The manager can view all members’ account activity, add services or change rate plans. The account manager can also determine online access roles for account members, but not for the account owner or other account managers.

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Koodo's website is optimized for use with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.
Thanks Paul for your prompt reply, I'll try Firefox as I'm using a Mac and will ask for help again of I need it.
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Safari has a lot of issues with Self Serve, definitely avoid using it with Self Serve.
Now using Firefox with Role Management selected, the view is similar as I found with Safari, I see "access pending" but there are no options to select.
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Hey Guy, It appears from my own personal experience plus multiple experiences from others that you can't actually add someone online. However, if you call Koodo at *611 they can set up the second person's self-serve account you want linked to yours.
Thanks for your most helpful response. Based on the above comments, Koodo should change the directions in their e-mail response to requests for online access to a process that actually works for all users as the following directions did not work for me; "We’ve recently received a request from _ _ asking for online access to the Koodo Self Serve account, _. Log in to Self Serve, click on My Profile and then Role Management, where you'll be able to approve or decline the request. Please note that _ will not be able to access the account until you approve this request. All the best, The Koodo Team"
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Guy wrote:

Thanks for your most helpful response. Based on the above comments, Koodo should change the direc...

That's generally how it works, but something could of gone wrong. Did you call Koodo to get it resolved?