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Unable to receive incoming calls. Outgoing calls are fine.

  • 12 November 2013
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Ever since porting the number to Koodo last Saturday, I have been unable to receive calls. I can easily send and receive texts, connect to the internet, and MAKE outgoing calls, but not receive incoming calls, from anyone. I've tried from a mobile phone, a landline and a Google number. Plus, a few of my contacts have told me they haven't been able to reach me. The phone does not report any missed calls, either. iPhone 4. A phone malfunction is doubtful, because the phone worked fine before on the previous service provider. No, it's not incompatible bands; it was once a Telus phone, it has recently been unlocked, and it even works on Chatr. I've also tried resetting the network settings and then resetting all settings on the phone. Nothing. I've even activated the voicemail. The strange thing is, even now, when one tries to call my number, it still says "the call has been forwarded to a voicemail service that has not been initialized by the person you are calling". Strange, given that it's the exact same message that one would receive if I couldn't answer my phone, ON MY PREVIOUS SERVICE PROVIDER. And yes, it's the Koodo chip in my phone now, not the previous service provider's. I've checked my account online, as well. It says that I have been using airtime.

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13 replies

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Sounds like the port didn't fully complete. You'll need to contact koodo directly and speak to customer service. Don't worry it's free.
I have this same issue and my number wasn't ported...
Same here. 😞
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Did you guys call customer service/tech support and ask them to check the port status? Sounds like an issue there.
Already did. I have posted my issue on a different thread because things got more complicated: https://getsatisfaction.com/koodo/topics/problems_porting_my_number_to_koodo-nid5a I called them earlier today and told me that I need to be on another line to troubleshoot. Unfortunately I only have one number and it's the one having an issue.
They told me the same thing. The tech said he thinks it Mus be my SIM card?!?! I am to go to the store. Try a new sim card. If that doesn't work my brand new phone needs to go in for repairs! Of what they aren't exactly sure so I will likely end up yet again with a refurbished phone in return that won't be me but will hopefully at least accept calls. I wonder how long this process is going to take.. I also requested a refund of a portion of my bills. They refused claiming they have yet to receive a payment from me as an excuse when my bank records show money paid to the proper account. Iv only been with Koodoo a short time and I am already tired of this. No solid reasons that soo many are having the exact same issue?! Tech listed hardware defect as a possibility... Iv also heard they been having issues with the lte network but no-one at koodoo will confirm this. Some people I have spoken with that had the same issue noticed a difference when turning the network off. I myself havnt.
I have the exact same issue. I replaced the sim card with a new one today; same thing.... not sure what else to do now.
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I have the exact same issue. I replaced the sim card with a new one today; same thing.... not sur...Hey Ryan, please give our customer service department a call from a land line. The number is 1 866 995 6635. A customer service rep will be more than happy to help you :)

I transferred my home phone number from Bell to your company through prepaid plans service.  But until the moment I do not receive calls on the phone, but on the landline, but I can only make outgoing calls.

From four days ago

I still get incomg calls by landline but I can make a call by cellphone 

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It typically takes about three business days for a landline port to complete, since it actually requires a technician to physically go out and change the wiring. Mixed service in the meantime is normal. If it's been longer than three business days you can try contacting koodo, either by setting up a callback through the virtual assistant, or through Facebook messenger to see if there was an issue with the port.

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You have your own topic here, @Mahmoud Al Nahas https://community.koodomobile.com/other-80596/incoming-call-7796777