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Unable to receive calls from some numbers, namely from WIND network

  • 23 December 2016
  • 5 replies

I recently logged this issue, it was fixed for a couple of weeks and now it's happening again.

When people from certain networks, like Wind try call me, as well as my buzzer for my apartment, it goes straight to my voicemail. This is increasingly angering as I pay a lot for a service I'm not receiving calls on. I was assured this was fixed, and now im getting the same problem.

Please help.

5 replies

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Do you have Do Not Disturb mode on?

How was it fixed previously?
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encourage your friends to switch from Wind/Freedom to Koodo
Oh god. These responses are horrible. Time to call support
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Oh god. These responses are horrible. Time to call support Hey Dan! I don't see that you got in touch with us yet.  We're more than happy to offer all the help that we can through our Community but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper and access account information to troubleshoot/assist further depending on the issue.  The best thing that you can do right now is to get in touch with our technical support team over the phone. There are detailed memos on your account about the last time that this happened and a representative will be able to assist you further as we don't have access to the tools that they use through our Community.  Thank you! 
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time to get your friends to switch to Koodo.  Hope that helps.

 Merry Christmas