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Unable to make calls but ok with receiving

Not sure when this started but I can no longer make outgoing calls. No problems with incoming calls or text msging. No issue with late payments. Phone is an iphone 4s.

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What happens when you try to dial?
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Hey Johanne, If you are still experiencing issue with your calls, please let us know 🙂. Thanks ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
UNABLE TO MAKE CALLS BUT OK WITH RECEIVING THEM- Help! This morning I cannot call out on my 4S iPhone but I can message and receive calls. Account is paid up. Have I accidentally pushed something in settings or is there something on the phone I need to reset?? I can think of nothing that I have changed since yesterday. Very frustrating as I was to be on an international conference call and would have missed it without borrowing someone else's cell phone to call, once I realized it was not the phone number but my own phone that was the problem. Any suggestions???
I have the same problem, I added the talk booster, and I can receive but not make calls. I also have the same phone, an iPhone 4S, and I can assure you that you didn't push anything wrong as I haven't and am having the same issue.