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Trying to text UK mobile network Three

I am trying to text a family member in the UK and I have done everything mentioned in the FAQ but I do not see the mobile phone company Three listed. It says that the text went through but my family member in the UK doesn't receive the text. Is there a way to send a text or a call to someone on that network from Koodo? Thank you

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Koodo's plans include international texts sent and received anywhere in Canada. They do mention that 'Availability of service will vary by country and is subject to change without notice'. Maybe Three is one of those countries, Have you tried calling them from your Koodo phone?
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Hey Jason, 

If you follow this link http://koo.do/TAUO5h, you can find all the carriers we have agreements with in the UK. Unfortunately Three is not on this list.
As an alternative, maybe a third party app (like Whatsapp or Viber) may help!

Many thanks!