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Trying to look at Billing info and receiving Error 403

Trying to look at Billing information and receiving "Error 403 - From RFC 2068 [i]Hypertext Transfer Protocol" where the website refuses to let me see information. Why is this happening and how can I correct it?

Phone 4, $35 plan, Calgary

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Delete the cache and cookies of your web browser.
Koodo Mobile works best with Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari.  Note: No word about Microsoft Edge.

Try using a different browser or a different device.

Try accessing it from a different network.

Let me know if it still doesn't work after trying all of this.
Just wanted to chime in.  I had this same error on two different PCs using Chrome (my main browser).  Tried it with IE and it worked.  Haven't tried clearing cache with Chrome yet.

Thanks for the tip!
I'm getting this today Sept 9 using Waterfox and W10.... btw, Koodo sent me a headsup text to pay my bill for September followed by a 2nd headsup text for Aug (long paid)... What is going on over there?
I also need to pay and change my credit card information for automatic payments and the same Error message appears... Today is Sept 8th. Any insight? I am using the proper web browser mentioned above.
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Henry and Jessice,

Have you tried all the steps I pointed out above?