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Trouble with phone forwarding

  • 13 October 2020
  • 3 replies

Hoping someone can help. 

I have been working from home since March and have had my Alberta work phone forwarded to my Nova Scotia cell number with no problems. 

As of Thursday last week, whenever someone calls my work line thats forwarded to my cell they receive an automated message saying that the number is no longer in service. I can receive calls on both lines no problem when it’s not forwarded. 

any idea how i can get this resolved?

3 replies

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Are you sure they are being forwarded to the right number? If the work line works fine and your line too, then it might be a problem with the forwarded settings.

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Is your work line a cellphone or landline?

What happens when you use your work line to forward to another number?  Does it work then?

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Can you check if your phone system at work underwent any change last Thursday (maintenance, upgrade) which may have affected the call forwarding function? 

If you can, renew the call forwarding (remotely) to your cell phone.

Also check your cell (blocked number list) to make sure that your office phone number is not blocked.