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Travelling to Peru

I am curious on the options on phone plans while travelling. I am travelling from Canada to Peru from January 3 to February 6. I am having difficulty navigating the website. Any help would be appreciated. Have a great day.

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Goto Shop > Add-ons > International Add-ons to see the two options Koodo offers.

You can also add the offers through self serve, and will need to ensure you add the free “International Voice Roaming" and / or the free “International Data Roaming” add on. Note that buying any of the Travel Add-ons only nets you a savings on your roaming fees, it does not change anything about the ability of the phone to roam. Without the Voice / Text / Data Add-on, you can still roam at pay-per-use prices.
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You can also unlock your phone and use a local SIM : http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Peru