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Transferring my phone to a different koodo account?

I currently have a phone connected to my Dad's koodo account since I've been living with him. I want to stay with koodo but I would like my own account which I can manage/pay because he's been late with payments lately. How do I go about setting up my own account and transferring my phone (and phone number hopefully) onto a different account?

I am over 19 and have access to a visa/debit card to pay online. The phone is an iPhone 5s.

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You will need to get the authorized holder of the account to Ok it. This case presumably being your dad you'd have to ha him call to separate it and you'd take it over as your own account.
With an ownership transfer, another person becomes responsible for the Koodo line or account. Only the current owner of an individual account can authorize an ownership transfer.

[b]The account owner needs to understand ...

Understand the following account and bill impacts:

Koodo Self Serve for line will no longer be accessible once the ownership transfer is complete.
Your account will need to be current in order to transfer account ownership—this includes all past due charges, current charges, and TAB balances. 
You may be eligible to transfer your TAB balance to another account. Contact Koodo Customer Service for more details. 
If the person taking over the account does not agree to accept the transfer of ownership, you'll remain responsible for the account and all charges.

[b]The person taking over the account/ Line will need to ...
Undergo a credit check and a deposit may be required.
Agree to a service agreement.
Choose a plan.
Bring a device or buy a new phone. 

Understand the following bill impacts:
Your billing method will be Bill Current. 
You'll be assigned a new bill cycle and bill due date.
You'll be responsible for the account and charges on and after the date of the ownership transfer.
If the request is not completed within 30 days, the original owner will need to file another request.

Both Parties should be able to talk to the same agent by doing this process together on one phone call.
Mike Mostowy wrote:

With an ownership transfer, another person becomes responsible for the Koodo line or account. Onl...

The only problem is the crappy customer service, either on the phone or the inability of customer reps at kiosks to do this sort of thing ... pretty shabby.  I've already had one 3 hour phone call in which my home phone was cancelled a month early and tonight I've been waiting over an hour for a bozo to answer the phone ... disgusting !!!!