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Transfering my number from my old phone onto my new phone. (Both Koodo)

I recently just purchased a new phone from the Koodo store online. I'm looking to pay off my old phone, and transfer the number to the recently purchased one. How do I do that?

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I'm assuming you only have one line You simply move your sim card to the new phone. If you bought the new phone from Koodo then it will come with a new sim card. When you call in to activate the new sim, the Rep will Migrate your service to the new phone.
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If you mean how to pay off ur tab you go to Self serve, go to tab balance, and click on pay off tab that will show up on your next bill. When ur new phone shows up, if ur sim fits in it, just insert and away you go. If not, u can visit a booth to get it all situated on the new SIM that comes with all online purchases.