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Trade in iphone for smasung S4

ok so i have an iphone 4 8gb. I had it for about a year and there r hardly any scratches. The new samsung galaxy S4 just came out and i really want it. I'm with a $25 a month plan and i want to keep that plan. How much do you think i will get for the iphone if i trade it in a koodo so i can use that money to buy the samsung? How can i do it? Can i keep the same plan and number? Thx!!!

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I'm not sure how much credits would get for trading your iphone in. Or you could sell your iphone on craigslist etc. The S4 has been out for a while and yes you can keep your number and plan. 🙂 Also you can trade in your phone in store to receive credits towards your new phone!
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I don't know if it the US only, but Apple accepts trade-in http://www.apple.com/recycling/
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I would expect somewhere around a $60 value if you trade-in your phone. The trade-in value would go towards the full price of the phone. You would get more money selling it through Kijiji or craiglist which is what I highly recommend you do. You won't get an exact quote until you go in and they asses the phone. If you have any available tab (max the tab can be is -150), you can apply that towards the full price of the phone as well on top of the trade-in value.