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Trade-in and tab

So, I have the Samsung Galaxy S2X, and I want to get the Iphone 4s. If I trade in my current phone, will I get anything put toward the Iphone 4s? It's in good condition and I've only had it for a year. Also, for example if I have a tab of 66, does that mean I can put 66$ to my tab of the iphone? The tab thing really confuses me haha!

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The trade-in program can reduce the total price of the 4S for you (though not by much, you're much better off selling the phone yourself). If you have a tab balance of $66, that means that you owe Koodo $66, and have $84 available to use for a tab S, $234 available for a tab M, or $434 available for a tab L. If you log into your self serve account on Koodo's website and then look at phone pricing, it'll tell you exactly how much you have available to use.
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The 4S model now offered is an 8GB model (and non expandable), of which I think 2 is taken up by the OS. You'd be sacrificing storage space for the new device (and several hundred $$). Is that going to be a concern for you?
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I don't recommend getting he iPhone 4S 8GB model as the new iOS 7 does take up a lot of the memory. You won't have much memory to use and I don't think it's worth it. Getting the iPhone 5, or 5C may be a wise decision. Or you could pick up any Android devices like the Nexus 4. It's cheap, has 16GB and expandable memory for more memory. It's also a really good device.