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Tracking a lost iPhone

  • 28 September 2014
  • 4 replies

I have lost my phone and it is going straight to voicemail. I did not download the app "find my iphone". is there any other ways to track it ?

4 replies

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If the calls are going right to voice mail then chances are that the battery has died. Even having signed up for find my iPhone its going to be impossible to track it if its powered down. Most you'd likely get would be it's last location.

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Did u have icloud on the phone? If so your find my iPhone may have been on as a default. If so, go to a Computer and login to www.icloud.com And try find my iPhone to see if it can find the last known location
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For what it's worth, if the phone was running iOS 7 or above with a pass lock enabled, there won't be much a thief would be able to do with your device. Even if they wanted to wipe this through iTunes, they would need to enter your pass code. Per Dennis' note, give iCloud a shot and see if this is able to track down the device. At the very least, if all else fails, if you bought the phone from Koodo, call them and ask them to blacklist the IMEI. Good luck!
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Locate Missing iPhone with Find My iPhone: Sign in your iCloud account using Apple ID. Click on the Find My iPhone button. Choose Locate an iPhone device if you have set up more than one iOS device. Your lost/stolen iPhone's location will show on the map if your device is online. If your phone is not on-line you are SOL! Sorry.