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Top up voucher not working

Paid my top up voucher, added it, got the text messaging saying my base plan has been renewed. Can send and receive text messages but cannot send or receive calls or voicemail. What do I do? I was told not to go into Koodo kiosks, but my phone won't let me call.

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Hi Heather,

With pre-paid you need to have a booster to be able to use the phone. Your top up voucher renews your base plan, depending on your base plan, It may not include minutes (such as the 15$ base plan that only offers unlimited texting).

If your plan  does include calling, then try turning the phone off and removing the SIM card and leaving it sit for a few minutes and then reassemble to phone and try again. If after that it's still not working call *611 from your phone (it will let you call even if other calls don't work, *611 is kinda like 911.

If your plan does not include calling, then add a booster through the prepaid self serve. You may need to add more credit into your account to be able to add one though.

Hope this helps!
Hi Heather,

 I purchased the wrong voucher and am planning to sell it. The value is $45.20.  for a $40. I am selling it for $35 minus the tax and $5.
please let me know if you're interested.

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Chris wrote:

Hi Heather,

 I purchased the wrong voucher and am planning to sell it. The value is $45.20...

Hey Chris. Sellingand promoting products here are against the rules. Furthermore, you bumped a month old thread in order to do so which is also against the rules. Just please refrain from promoting/selling your voucher on here and bumping old threads. Try craigslist or kijiji to sell your voucher. Good luck 🙂