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Tired of iphone 4 need solution fast or its going to get hit with sledgehammer

  • 24 August 2014
  • 3 replies

ok my iphone 4 is wayyyyyyyyy to slow. i cant even send a 2 min video to my friend. i cant play any games. it takes hours to download apps. cant take videos. storage almost full. all this every day is causing me to rage and trogh my phone. its my 3 one. now i am tired of it. i want to get new one. i want either iphone 5c or 5s. but i also want to keep my plan. the plan is 100 min a month with unlimited text for 25$ a month. its a small tab and close to 100$ lest on the tab. now what would be the best and lowest cost solution to get the 5c or s? and possibly keep my current plan or sing for a similar one not exeeding 35$ a month thnks

3 replies

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here are your options if you want to stay with Iphones. Iphone 4s - Tab Small - $150 - Tab Medium - $0.00 Iphone 5c - Tab Small - $475 - Tab Medium - $250 - Tab Large - $125 Iphone 5s - Tab Small - $575 - Tab Medium - $350 - Tab Large - $225 Your plan is not eligible for Tab Medium. Youd have to increase it to the basic in market plan of $29/Month, then add the $5 Tab charge every month, coming to $34/month.
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If youre looking to stray away from Iphones... Have a look at the great pricing of the Nexus 5 right now! Best phone in my opinion that Koodo has in its line up Nexus 5 - Tab Small - $150 - Tab Medium - $0.00
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Or a great alternative if you want to keep your plan and still get a phone that has loads of value in it - the Moto G which you can get for $150 outright or $0 on Tab S.