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time to choose a new phone

  • 12 October 2019
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Which phone would you recommend between iPhone 6s and samsung galaxy A20? All I need is a phone that is unlock (apparently they all are), With a battery that would last a day (normal use) a descent camera and a user friendly phone. I see both have 32go but if I needed to, could I add up some Go with both phones? Basically which phone will last longer? I am not the type of person who will change phone very year 😉.
Thank you Guys!!

5 replies

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Yes all phones sold December 2017 onward are unlocked by default.

IPhone 6s is a good phone but is getting old. It probably won't get updates even from Apple for more than a couple years, but then again that's all you'd get from Samsung (besides security updates) anyways.

32gb storage is ok but the iPhone 6s doesn't have expandable storage. The Samsung A series do. I'd personally go up one to the a50. We're getting close to black Friday so if you can wait until then, I would. There's particularly good sales usually so you'd be able to grab a newer iPhone or higher end Samsung A series for an excellent price then. If you cannot wait, it boils down to if you wanna get into the apple. Ecosystem or Android.

Check out gsmarena. Com for detailed reviews
Thank you so much Goran!!
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As well the 6s has 1810mah battery where the a20 has a 4000mah battery.
Now of course the A20 has a much bigger screen so there is that to consider but based off pure specs it has double the battery life as well as the advantages of fast charging.

The 6s is 5 years old now where the A20 is just a few months.

This past update of iOS13 will likely be the last one for the 6s as it only has limited support to begin with and they had just dropped the 6 on that update. (But like Goran mentioned, the samsung updates will be slow on the a20 since it wont be prioritized as much as phones on the s series from samsung)
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Absolutely loving my A70 so if it's a comparable experience I reccomend the samsung. I took the A70 and gave my wife my Galaxy S9+ so it must be a great device for me to do that and not miss the S9+ which was actually my favorite phone of all time.
Te speaker is it's only weak point. If the A20 isn't comparable try to get the A50 or better yet the A70 it's the best bang for your buck device in koodos lineup hands down imo . Oh and my other phone is the iPhone XR and I'd say the A series is more comparable to that then the old 6S which is getting long in the tooth like others said