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This has been going on for years...when is Koodo/Telus going to fix the weak signals in the Blossom Park area??

I keep calling Koodo, approximately every six months, and they keep filling my ears with joyful noise about how things will get better. Well, it isn't. Years of this has finally pushed me so far that I'm ready to jump ship. All my friends in the Bank Street from St. Bernard to Queensdale Avenue in Gloucester, Ontario (Ottawa) on both Telus and Koodo have been becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the horrible service we are receiving from our carriers. Pretty words on the phone isn't going to cut it much longer. Someone has built (or is in the process of building) what looks to be some sort of communications tower behind the Tim Hortons near Queensdale Avenue, but if it's a Telus/Koodo tower, it's certainly not live. I can't send texts without sending them in triplicate, in hopes ONE will go through. I can't go to the strip mall off Queensdale Avenue and use my phone, my data, nothing. I can't trust my cell not to drop calls mid ring. I can't trust my cell to ring with a phone call, only the voicemail activates. I can't trust my cell to get text messages as they're sent. I get them hours later sometimes, and most of the time, if it's another Koodo member, they're in duplicate. I've held on this long, HOPING someone was going to address this area's issues, but I'm just about out of patience. Wind is offering a plan that's cheaper, that guarantees me coverage out here, and that isn't going to drive me to drink, or anger me so deeply with the frustration of a useless Iphone that I've almost thrown it at the wall a few times. Yes, it's that bad. So...community board responder guy/girl...can I get a STRAIGHT answer on why this area is so wrought with issues? Why I get three bars that will immediately turn to no service or one bar within seconds of trying to initialize a text? Or why I should remain with a cell phone provider that is doing anything but actually providing me with the service I'm paying for. I think the 672$ you make annually off me entitles me to a little more respect for my problem than the pat on the head I continually get from the BC call centre I have complained to over since the day I moved into this neighborhood. If anyone else lives past Albion Road and Bank Street, in and around the Blossom Park area in Gloucester, please, I welcome you to add to this thread. It's high time Koodo/Telus did their business, or get off the proverbial pot, cos the smell of what I've been receiving up til now isn't too pleasant. Pass the Febreze!

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The vast majority of us here are customers like you and I doubt anyone is going to be able to give you an answer regarding your area. That said if wind is telling you get coverage from them why not just simply switch Dave?
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I get that you want the service to improve in your area and that you think just because you bring it to Koodo's/Telus' attention that they should 'fix it', but that's not how these things work. If the investment isn't worth it, they won't jump through hoops to improve the service in the area. There are other areas that might need improving more than yours. You pay them $672 a month... Do you know how much it is to build a tower? $672 a month for the rest of your life wouldn't cover it. You need to see this from both perspectives, not just yours and the minority of people in your area. However, you will not get an official answer here in regards to this. It's just a waiting game until they do or don't improve the service.
Two reasons. One, I really like the customer service (even though I've gotten a lot of lip service with this one issue) with Koodo. Second, I KNOW if I go to Wind, I'm going to get the opposite of good service from their agents. I'm HOPING that Telus/Koodo get their act together and fix this issue out here. It's a sore spot with not just me, but a large number of people in this area, I've learned over the last four months from conversations, etc, with other customers in the same boat. I've got a good grandfathered plan with Koodo, and yes, Wind can do better financially, and yes, the phone is likely going to work better with them, but the thought of dealing with bad phone agents....and I'm a customer service rep, which makes it all the worse, well, it's enough to have me just not use a cell, period, if that's my only option. Hate Bell with a passion (used to work for them), Rogers has the same poor signal quality out here, so, Wind, if I absolutely am forced to leave, is unfortunately, my only option, save giving up my left arm, I mean cellphone, period.
LOL. 672$ annually I wrote. If I paid that a month, I'd expect a solid gold phone case...LOL. The tech I talked to last fall told me there was an open file for this area, and about 3000 people had complained of the same issues I'm having. And...this area is being built up very very quickly, with upper middle class home owners so it's not going to make good financial sense for Telus/Koodo to sit and wait until they've gotten their brand dragged through the mud in my humble opinion. If you say they never read these boards, then I'll have to find another forum to start trying to get their attention then. Thank you for the heads up. Won't waste my time and resources with this venue, will look towards promoting the problem and a resolution through maybe a webpage and through social media.
Oh, and I don't think it's a minority of people out here Amhad. In fact, I know it's not. The ONLY carriers that get signal out here are Bell and Wind. Roger/Fido and Telus/Koodo are both in the same weak signalled boat.
OK. Last question, can I delete this thread? No point in leaving it here to be left hanging in cyberspace for no good reason.
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Dave Metrix wrote:

OK. Last question, can I delete this thread? No point in leaving it here to be left hanging in...

Koodo reads all of these and may get to the right folks after all. I wouldn't delete it.
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Perhaps the article below will shed some light on this situation. The article from the Ottawa Community News dated February 28, 2015, mentions: http://www.ottawacommunitynews.com/news-story/5447446-cell-antenna-system-proposed-for-blossom-park-dealership/ "Before the installation goes ahead on the roof of the Donnelly Ford Lincoln dealership at 2496 Bank St., Telus must have its municipal concurrence application approved by the city. Public consultation is required in this process, as set out by Industry Canada, which regulates radio-communication and broadcasting antenna systems". A public information session was held at the Greenboro Community Centre on Feb. 19, 2015 by Gloucester-Southgate Coun. Diane Deans and according to this article, "No one from the community attended the meeting". Public input on the proposed project was to be submitted in writing by March 5, 2015 to Novatech Engineering. I'm hoping that enough people submitted input on this proposal. I'm not sure if the location mentioned above coincides with the location you mentioned behind Tim Horton's, though the new tower location should provide better signal reception.