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thinking of Switching my plan

I've been a satisfied customer for over a year now, However i've noticed Fido has a very similair plan to mine for about 30$ cheaper a month are you willing to improve my plan to keep me as a customer?

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Koodo doesn't have retention plan pricing. I do find it hard to believe that Fido has a plan that's $30 less for the same thing. Are you sure that this plan is offered in your province? Koodo's pricing is very similar to Fido's.
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There is now way in hell Fido has a plan for the same thing that is $30 less! We would all switch then. Guaranteed Koodo has a plan just like that if not better. What is it that you are looking at Fido?
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I can echo what everyone has said, Fido's plans are usually almost identical to Koodo's offerings. If they were indeed cheaper I could understand maybe $1-2 but definitely not $30. As Ivan said, are you looking at a regional specific plan?
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It could be region specific or the OP has a Tab plus plan and they were looking at BYOD pricing with Fido. Otherwise the plans are very similar.
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Hi Joel,

Can you screen cap it, kinda curious what that plan is.