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When I first got my phone just a few weeks ago, I had a question, and unfortunately, the answer wasn't what I expected it to be, and I didn't understand why. I had asked if I could pay MORE than just $5 a month off of my tab, and the answer was no, you can only pay off $5 a month, or pay the entire thing all at once. I wish that this was different. I wish that we could pay off any amount we want off our tab, at any time, with a minimum of $5 a month. I would also like to be able to view my tab on the mobile app (iPhone).

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Well, there's always the good ol' option of saving it up, you know? :oP When you have gathered enough, buy a new phone, go to a restaurant, fly a plane, anything! Really, money in your pocket is better than money in theirs 😉
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The only other way to pay more towards the tab each month is to pay more for your plan, it takes 15% of your monthly bill (overages, add-ons, etc) so if you pay $70/month then it's taking 15% of that, if you decided to go over your data by $20 extra then you get 15% of the $20 added to your monthly contribution. Otherwise you can choose to save up like David said or you can pay it off all in one chunk.