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The new 56 plan, is that unlimited calling? When I go to change the plan it doesn't say unlimited, and if I change will I only get charged the extra 6$ or will I get charged for all my ads ons that I had for 2 days? That's happened to me before an I

  • 13 December 2012
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got an email convincing me to change plans (which im fine with) but I don't want to have to pay for add ons if I'm going to be deleting them for another plan!

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the plan is unlimited calling. in most cases if the add ons were only on the account for 2 days, there will be a prorated charge equivalent to 2 days worth of the 30 day price of the add on.
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You'll be charged at prorated rates - for the days used on you current billing cycle.
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It'sbest to switch plans the last day of your ccurrent billing cycle to avoid larger proration charges. - KID ANDROID, ( Team.Android.Canada)