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Texts from one contact do not arrive

  • 30 October 2020
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I have one (overseas) contact who can receive my texts, but her texts to me no longer work. She is not blocked. they used to work, just suddenly stopped arriving.

Any idea what causes this?

She is Iphone, I have Samsung S7


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6 replies

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Is she sending the messages as blue ones or green? 

It is a green one. She sent me an email screen capture, which shows her responses as green.



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Can she text someone else from Canada? Is the problem related to you only? Maybe she doesn’t have international SMS on her plan anymore that’s why her texts don’t send.

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Hi @Tie Twist,


If your friend can receive your text messages, in this case she should check with her provider if something changed regarding the features included in her rate plan.


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Just as a follow up, my friend contacted their provider, and was told there was no issue at their end. Nothing changed etc.

So this one remains a mystery.


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Try to remove each others contacts in your phones and delete the conversations and try to have your friend send a new text to you