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Text received from my own number

Recently, whenever one specific person calls me and I do not pick up, I get a message from my own number saying to please call his number back. What is making this happen and is there any way to stop it?  

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Maybe he is leaving a callback number instead of a voice-mail. If you call your voice-mail I think you have two options. A call back number and a voice-mail
No, there's only one option when I call my voicemail, and it's to listen to his message.
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Hey Sarah! I just tested it out and can confirm that this person trying to reach you is leaving a callback number.  Once they get to your voicemail, they have the option to press on the # key instead of leaving a voicemail, which prompts them to enter their phone number.  The incoming customer will then receive a text message from their own number saying "Please call XXX -XXX -XXXX". The only way to stop it would to be to tell your contact not to choose that option when trying to contact you.  Hope this clarifies things!