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Text does not work

Well... I just switched to Koodo at about 5pm today.
The rep at the store said can take about an 1 hour to switch my number over to my new phone.
its been just shy of four hours and I can iMessage, and have data, but cannot text.
I call *611 and there 1800 numbers and I get that Koodo virtual assistant will text me... well how if my texts do not work. I then use someone else phone and ask for a rep to call me... the earliest time is 330 tomorrow 🙄. I have turned my phone on and off several times. I went to Koodo troubleshoot webpage and it asks me to pick my phone ... I select apple and it does nothing...
So I switch providers for this type of service.
I have to reach out to Koodo community for help 😐
I am BEYOND frustrated.

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It seems the porting has not been completed. In some cases it could take more than 1hours. I would suggest you try to restart the phone every 2hours or so.
Is it normal for data and calling to work before texting ? I just assumed nothing would work until it was finished but, data and calling both work... I’ve tried turning phone on and off about ever hour or more ... it’s been about 6 hours now. It’s just frustrating and having no one to talk to for assistance...
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Did you switch from an iPhone to an Android? In some cases, there is some issue with imessage if that was the case. But if you used an iPhone before, it shouldn't be a problem.
Porting could be frustrating sometimes, I would be patient. Hopefully it will resolve quickly for you.
iPhone to iPhone.
And I have data so I can iMessage. But I cannot text Anyone else. I can call though, so I thought it was weird that I would be able to call someone but not text them.
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Usually everything but incoming calls will work but just in case, give it at least 24 hours to try to work.
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Just as an FYI, koodo does typically try to contact customers proactively if there is a problem porting their number. If the only contact number they have provided is the cellphone, however, that would obviously be rather difficult.
I did provide an alternate contact number when I set up my line yesterday. So hopefully they would call that if they can’t get through on my number.
Nothing has changed as of yet .. so I’ll just keep waiting for now lol
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Try removing and reinserting your sim card, restarting your phone and deleting all previous messages with people and start new ones and see if that helps at all.
I have done the SIM card removal twice once yesterday and then again this morning.
I have ensure old phone is off and sim removed.
I have deleted contacts and then tried texting there number. I have been reading a lot of questions in here of people with same issues which said my old company has to confirm the port request so maybe there just taking there time, I’m not sure. They did say something about receiving a text when completed, if that’s still the case I’m not sure but I have not received any notification.
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Have you tried your sim in another phone to see if texting works in that phone? It's just strange that texting would be the last thing to work from a port that's taking a while to complete.

You can call the porting department and they might be able to speed things up if that's the problem.

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Hey there!

Can you try the following:
Go to Settings > Messages, make sure that Send as SMS is enabled and disable iMessage. Try to send a text to your own number to see if the message is sent and is received correctly.

If your port has not been completed yet, incoming services will be received on your previous carrier's SIM. If the problem persists after the port has been confirmed, please get in touch with Tech Support through Koodo.com/chat.