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I am new to iphones and Koodo.  I had a plan with Bell Aliant, prepaid, found I was always going over my plan.  I was in the Mayflower Mall in Sydney, NS, saw a store with a promotion going on for Koodo.  Get an iPhone 6 free with a 2 yr contract.  I went into self serve for the first time this morning and see something called a tab??  Have been reading up on it, the phone is not free, we are paying a tab to pay for it that no one mentioned?  I think it is a rip off and when my 2 year contract is up, good bye Koodo, back to Bell.  I cannot get service in most areas that Bell provided service so what good is a phone if you cannot use it?  What a joke.  Very unhappy and dissatisfied.

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I don't know what advertisment you saw, but there's no way you saw one advertising the iPhone 6 for free on a tab. But yeah the tab now is nothing more than an interest free loan.
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I've heard about the same promotion at Koodo Kiosks in Ontario too. I know the one at White Oaks Mall in London has that offer as I called them on it
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Did they explain how much you could expect to pay each month? If so, then the deal does not suddenly become worse simply because it breaks down differently than you thought. If not, why did you sign a contract with no understanding of what you would be paying each month? Is true that the phone is not free, but is paying, say, $60 a month for plan X with a free phone honestly a better deal than paying $40 for plan X plus $20 for the tab? Either way the bottom line is the same.
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Does not make sense. You have to know that the iPhone 6 in not free, when you have to pay the $270.00 up front, to go on the tab. No?
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What the guy at the Koodo Kiosk told me was that they were offering the iPhone 6 at $0, on the $15 Tab, plus $75 in accessory credits. To be that sounds to good to be true, considering how much it is at places like The Mobile Shop or Glentel. Personally even if it is true I'm not going for it because I refuse to ever have an iPhone
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I get it now, you was window shopping.