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tab upgrade

I am a customer that has a tab paid off , and I would like to upgrade to a iPhone 6s but I'm not approved for a tab with it. I would like to know why I'm not approved.

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What plan do you have? It need to be $40 and/or over to use Tab M.

What error message did you get?
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Do you mean not approved as in you didnt pass a credit check or are on the spending limit program?
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Have you ever missed a payment in the past 12 months on your Koodo account?
Never missed a payment
My plan is $80 a month and I just bought a $50k truck which the bank gave me a loan for but koodo won't give me a phone
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Who told you that you are not approved for a tab?
Are you trying to buy a phone through online on different Tab size?

You mentioned you had a tab paid off means you bought a phone on Tab before,correct?
What was your Tab fee?